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It is common for a bicycle accident to result in the severe injury of the bicyclist. To file a bicycle accident claim that can stand up to the fierce opposition that is sure to come from the driver’s insurance company, you should team up with a dependable law firm and a reputable attorney. At the law office of Jeff Metler, led by Attorney Jeff Metler, you can find such a team. The firm is ready to take on any case for you and always with the goal of getting you as much compensation as possible.

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Why Insurance Companies Fight Bicycle Accident Claims

As mentioned, bicycle accidents usually end with the bicyclist being severely injured. The treatment for those injuries can get expensive, which is why insurance companies are so adamant about fighting such claims. They do not want to pay anything to a claimant that they can avoid, especially when considering claims with steep values.

The value of your claim is decided by your damages, which can include:

  • Past and future medical treatments
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability

When Jeff Metler, Attorney at Law is on the case, you can count on his firm to calculate your damages accurately. You could be owed a significant amount of compensation. It would be a shame to leave any of it behind because the math was done incorrectly. The firm is known in legal circles throughout Provo for being able to pursue accurate damages in highly complex cases like yours.

Wrongful Death Claims for Bike Crashes

Did you lose a loved one in a bicycle accident in Provo, Utah? The firm can also assist with wrongful death claims and survival actions. In those case types, you will demand compensation on behalf of your deceased loved one, which will look a bit different from what you can demand in a personal injury claim.

Attorney Metler knows how to advance your case at a pace that meets your expectations and allows you to grieve. You will not be rushed or overlooked as your wrongful death claim moves along. If you don’t want to be involved with the legal process because it is too painful for you, then let his firm know. He and his team can manage as much of your case as possible on your behalf.

Get Rolling & Seek Compensation Today

The longer you wait to get your bicycle accident claim started, the more time you inadvertently give to the opposition to get ready to defend against your claim. Do not do them any favors when they are the ones who should be paying you for your damages. Call (801) 349-1009 and connect with Jeff Metler, Attorney at Law in Provo right away!

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Bicycle Accident FAQ

  • Who is at fault if a car hits a bicycle?
    Liability in a bicycle accident varies from case to case. The fault will fall on whichever party caused the bicycle accident due to their negligence. Sometimes, the fault is divided between the bicyclist and the driver if they both made an unsafe mistake.
  • How do I file a claim after a bicycle accident?
    You can file a claim with the help of a professional lawyer like Attorney Jeff Metler. He can review your accident, calculate your damages, and file your claim against the correct parties. Afterward, there could be settlement negotiations to get you the money you deserve without needing to go to court.
  • How long does a bicycle accident claim take to end?
    A bicycle accident case could take a few months if the defendant’s insurance company agrees that you were not at fault and there is no contest. If evidence of liability or the extent of your injuries is challenged, though, then the case could take more than a year to conclude.
  • I was hit when I wasn’t using hand signals – can I still sue?
    You should use all hand signals required of you whenever you are riding your bicycle on a public road in Provo or elsewhere in Utah. However, forgetting to use a hand signal does not disqualify you from filing an injury claim after an accident. It would probably increase your liability or fault, though.

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