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Utah’s No-Fault System and the Serious Injury Threshold

In a car accident, it’s crucial to recognize what options you have to pursue compensation. Utah operates on a no-fault system, which impacts how you obtain compensation. Unfortunately, this often leads to some misconceptions during the process, and you may be unsure of what options you may have.

At Jeff Metler, Attorney at Law, we want you to be fully aware of how you move through the process after a crash in Utah. As such, we will be there to help you understand what steps to take, what to avoid, and how you move forward depending on the situation you encounter.

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What the No-Fault System Means

You may need to go through your own insurance provider to file a claim in a crash with relatively minor damages. You must recognize your policy and limits that dictate what you may recover after an accident. However, your own insurance company may still try to deny your claim to save money.

Your insurance adjuster may create numerous problems for you. If you can get through the process smoothly, you may not need a lawyer. However, if your insurance adjuster refuses to manage your claim correctly, you may still need legal counsel to help your claim.

What the Serious Injury Threshold Means

When you suffer a serious injury, such as a disability or disfigurement, you may be able to go beyond the no-fault insurance system. Instead, you may file a third-party liability lawsuit to go against the other driver’s insurance provider for your damages.

The serious injury threshold exists to hold people accountable when they cause significant harm. During this time, it becomes crucial to hire a lawyer to help you navigate your claim. Holding negligence accountable means showing causation and damages, which often requires the help of strong legal counsel.

Our Utah car accident lawyers at Jeff Metler, Attorney at Law are here for you every step of the way. We work hard to help you during the complex matters that follow a severe crash. Let us be your voice and pursue the outcome you need when you need us most.

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