You Can Help Prevent Utah Pedestrian Accidents

Earlier this week, a young seven-year-old boy in Bountiful, Utah was crossing the road at an intersection with two friends. When he stopped to retrieve something he had dropped, he was hit by a car. The boy was conscious while he was flown to Primary Children’s Hospital, and luckily the accident was not fatal. However, Utah pedestrian accidents involving children are unfortunately too common.

Younger children are oftentimes not familiar with proper traffic rules to follow as a pedestrian. Even if children have been educated properly about pedestrian law, they often don’t comprehend the consequences of not using caution when crossing or playing near roads.

This poses a danger for drivers as well, because although they may be driving cautiously as they should, children can still enter roadways too unexpectedly to be able to stop the vehicle in a short enough distance to not cause harm. If you live in a neighborhood where children are often playing near roadways, always remember that following the speed limit posted for residential neighborhoods will help ensure that you have a safer stopping distance if pedestrians come into the roadway unexpectedly. It’s your responsibility as a driver to perceive any potential hazards and act accordingly if there are. If you are a young driver and you drive safely, this could boost the chances of getting cheap car insurance for teens as it will show the insurance companies that you are a good and careful driver.

Intersections are another area that should be given extra caution when driving a vehicle. Even when stoplights are present, pedestrian and vehicle accidents are still common.

As a pedestrian, always remember that just because you have the right of way by law, cars will not always see or stop for you to cross the street. Always take extra precautions at stoplight intersections or crosswalks – don’t assume that an oncoming car will yield just because you enter the roadway. If, unfortunately, you have been involved in an automobile-related pedestrian accident, injuries can lead to exorbitant medical bills that you cannot afford. You may want to seek a Personal Injury Lawyer to claim compensation if this does happen to you.

If you or a family member has been involved in an accident as a pedestrian, there may be case for a settlement from insurance companies. Utah pedestrian accident attorney, Jeff Metler, has helped many of his clients receive the settlement they deserve as a result of a pedestrian accident. Contact Jeff today for a consultation about your case.