What People are Saying about Jeff Metler

Jeff Metler is absolutely the best choice when seeking a personal injury lawyer. But don’t take our word for it! People have been talking and here’s what they have to say:

“I have always been taught not to sue anybody, but when I got injured in an accident, I was unable to receive the care that I needed and the insurance company was not helping,” said Leslie Turner. “I was relieved after speaking with Jeff Metler. He explained that I wasn’t suing any one person and he took care of everything.”

And Ramon DeLeon had this to say about Jeff Metler, “We were worried about our little boy after he was hurt by someone else. We didn’t have money to hire an attorney and felt that the insurance company was pressuring us to sign papers. Our doctor recommended we call Mr. Metler. He came to the hospital to personally meet with us that day.”

Another client of Jeff Metler said, “I was nervous to hire an attorney because I didn’t want to put the other driver in financial hardship,” said Bill Rice. “After the medical bills got too high, I contacted Jeff Metler. He helped me understand that the insurance company pays out on claims and not the at fault driver. Thanks Jeff.”

These only scratch the surface of what people are saying about Jeff. 

So if you feel like you haven’t been treated fairly in an accident settlement, see what everyone is talking about and give Jeff Metler a call!