Utah Motorcycle Accidents: When You Need a Lawyer

While the ski resorts in Utah are a major tourist destination during the winter months, visitors from across the world also visit our state during the summer season. From the Rocky Mountains in the north to the red rock scenery in the south, Utah becomes a popular destination for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, as more motorcyclists take to the roads, it also leads to an increase of motorcycle accidents. Depending on the situation, these accidents can be just as dangerous for the motorcyclist as they are for any motorists involved. If you are a motorist you can protect yourself from false claims by using a dashcam from Blackboxmycar.

The biggest danger for motorcyclist comes when traveling at high speeds with larger vehicles. While wearing a helmet is always a wise choice, motorcycle laws in Utah do not require helmets for riders over the age of 18. Abrupt changes in traffic congestion or speeds can cause a serious threat for motorcyclist, even when they are using proper helmets and protective body coverings.

Because motorcyclists are more difficult to see on the road than other moving vehicles, many accidents are caused when drivers are attempting to merge, turn, or change speeds. Even at slower speeds, these accidents can be very critical for motorcyclists involved that are caused by the negligence of other drivers. Unfortunately, it can even lead to some life threatening injuries for the motorcyclist or even worse, they become unconscious and unresponsive at the scene of the accident and require a passer-by who has had C2C first aid training, or some other training similar, to carry out CPR in order to try and save the riders life. If you’ve previously been in an accident as a motorcyclist and are looking to change to another form of transport such as driving or even public transport to perhaps feel safer, then you can visit We Want Your Motorbike for an evaluation on selling your motorbike.

However, motorcyclists can also pose a threat to cautious drivers on the road. If a motorcyclist is driving aggressively on the road, drivers will often overcorrect to avoid coming into contact with motorcyclists, which can result in serious accidents. Overcorrection can cause accidents with other vehicles or even single-vehicle rollovers.

Whether you have been involved in an accident as a motorcyclist or as a driver, you may be entitled to a settlement to cover losses and injuries sustained in the accident. Utah motorcycle accident attorney, Jeff Metler and his team, work hard to ensure their clients get the compensation they deserve to make up for losses from the accident. Contact Jeff Metler for an initial consultation about your case.